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You’re Invited To Our First Virtual Conference

State of The Black Mom Virtual Conference


During the virtual conference will we be discussing how to establish routines, create boundaries, and how to create financial stability while navigating the pandemic and the rise of racial tensions in the US. We will update the full speaker line up and registration details at 

We would love to see you there. Be sure to register to get access to all the freebies our speakers will be providing.

We are also raising funds for a local Chicago nonprofit Hustle Mommies, which has been an integral part of getting moms on the West and Southside of Chicago diapers, clothing, and wipes after stores were closed due to the pandemic, looting, and/or rioting. You will hear more about the phenomenal work they have been doing and how we can support it. See you soon!


Parenting does not come with a handbook. There are some extremely funny moments of parenthood and some overwhelming ones. We are all on this journey together. We have committed to bringing you the best parenting tips and resources we can find. We are not excluding other races or cultures we are shedding light on the experiences faced as black mothers and the nuances that it may entail. We are providing a safe space to have conversations that can be watered down or ignored in other parenting platforms. We want all moms to know they are some amazing beings who don’t have to be perfect all the time but they are seen, heard and valuable as individuals and as moms. We welcome you to our parenting journey as we create, nurture and empower the future generation while we create our awesome contributions to the world ourselves.

Love you to life!

Podcast Host Bringing you golden insights on all things motherhood

Tanisha Hemphill Founder
Passionate mom of 3, looking to change lives and create a strong opportunity for our children to be great.
Victoria Hemphill Co-Founder
Mom of 3, empowering other moms to take control of their lives and live their dreams.
Kenya Taylor Co-Founder
Mom of 1, entrepreneur with a passion to educate moms about the importance of health and finances.

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